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May Wes Manufacturing is a company focused on the Ag aftermarket industry with expertise working with Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) material. May Wes products are used across the seasons, from spring planting, tillage, harvest, and winter. Our more than 10,000 customers worldwide have been loyal advocates for over 40 years in business.

C&A Pro Skis is a leader in aftermarket high performance snowmobile skis.  Whether you’re a racer or a recreational rider, they offer a full range of ski options to suite your needs. C&A Pro Skis sponsor many of the top snowmobile athletes and are the leader in Snocross racing organizations worldwide. Watch Winter X Games and Snocross racing programs and you will see virtually everyone uses C&A Pro Skis to get the edge on the competition. Website:

Pride Engineering Plastics deals exclusively in the compression molding of  UHMW polyethylene, the highest grade available for diverse product applications for: Recreational, Industrial, Agricultural, and Food Processing Industries. Website:

Pride Assembly has an infrastructure that has low overhead, is agile, and positioned to be your reliable turnkey assembly provider. Their culture is comprised of a splash of entrepreneurial spirit with a strong sense of accountability and workmanship pride. They are bigger than a job shop – but small enough to be an excellent choice for your assembly outsourcing needs. Website:

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