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Architectural & Art

Disney YoYo with employeesHutchinson Manufacturing (HMI) is a custom metal fabricator to the one-of-a-kind Architectural and Art  industry.  We start with a concept and take the project to installation.   Our winning combination of Computer Aided Design (CAD) talent, Project Managers, QA systems and large capability in sophisticated weldments, machining and coatings have made HMI a supplier of choice for custom structures.  The results not only meet our clients unique structural requirements but are aesthetically appealing.

We have the infrastructure to effectively develop, plan, manage, and build large complex assemblies, comprised of thousands of Bill of Material (BOM) line items.   Our vast range of processing capabilities and facilities that handles large components makes it feasible for us to do the complete build in-house.

Transport for Veteran's Memorial Veteran's Memorial Structure

Hutchinson Manufacturing

Hutchinson Manufacturing