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Hutchinson Manufacturing (HMI) has expertise in handling sophisticated welding requirements that call for documented processes and certified welders.  We have the systems and procedures in place to meet the strictest compliance.  HMI has AWS Certified Weld Inspector resources.

HMI has proficiency in MIG and TIG welding processes and works with diverse materials.  From straight-forward in position fillet and butt welds to complex out of position welding, HMI has the qualification and systems in place to meet demanding weld expectations; including complete joint penetration (CJP), partial joint penetration (PJP), and KYT weld joints.

Comprehensive NDT Capabilities – HMI has certified staff, lab environment and procedures to perform the non destructive metal testing necessary to assure proper weld quality.  Learn more.

CladdingCertified Capabilities

  • API weld standards
  • Canadian weld standards
  • ASME section IX
  • DIN Standards
  • AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS D1.6

Material Types

  • Carbon Steel – 16 gauge to 8″
  • Stainless Steel – 16 gauge to 1.5″
  • Aluminum – .125″ to 1.5″

Manufacturing Equipment

Clad Welding


  1. Rotary tables and rotary torches. Five cladding machines available. Procedures include Clad 625, 316 SST, 4130, ASTM A694 (F65) and ASTM A182 (F22) materials.


  1. 68

Table Size

  1. 96


  1. 16,000 lbs max

Bluco™ Modular Fixturing System


  1. Weld table to eliminate the need for unique tooling to be built for set-ups.


  1. NA

Table Size

  1. 25' X 30'


  1. Unlimited
Hutchinson Manufacturing

Hutchinson Manufacturing